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A New Twist On Spiritual Psychology

In her new book, “The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition,” Debra Silverman bridges the gap between psychology and spirituality using the ancient wisdom of the four elements

Astrology—People all over the world enjoy it, whether for guidance or entertainment. Ancient peoples incorporated the movement of celestial bodies into their spirituality.

Psychology—This study of the mind, emotions and the human condition is relatively modern in name and practice. People seek to better understand themselves and heal their lives through this science.

Enter Debra Silverman.

Debra has been a practicing psychotherapist for nearly 40 years… with a twist: She uses a client’s astrological chart to support her session work. Her unique way of reading people and helping them through their issues with this blend of psychology and astrology has caught the interest of many, including Madonna and Sting.

“Psychology will be a dinosaur science until it includes astrology.” ~ Carl Jung

“Psychology and spirituality are best friends,” says Debra. “Psychology without the cosmic or spiritual angle really doesn’t have the potency that allows people to understand from the biggest picture why they do what they do. Psychology is all about the ego and astrology is all about the soul. I marry the two.”

In her new book, “The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition,” Debra takes this assertion a step further to bring our attention to the backbone of astrology—the four elements: water, air earth and fire. She uses the four elements to tap into the root nature and personality type of each person she works with in order to help people better understand their role and purpose in this life.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you’ll be surprised how much the four elements can tell you about your personality type.

Honoring Our Elders

“What’s missing in our world is respect of the elders. We're walking on American Indian land, but we’ve lost our connection with where this land came from. The four directions are as ancient as the four noble truths of Buddhism, as old as the pagan roots of Judaism that speak of the four worlds: water, air, earth and fire. Our ancestors understood these things, and I am determined to bring back the wisdom of our elders.”

What Element Are You?

The classic “What’s your sign?” pickup line is being given a run for its money with Debra’s more in-depth look at how all astrological signs are rooted in the elements. So, what element are you? (Hint: You probably have a main element with some aspects of one or more of the others.)

Water: “Water people are super emotional. They feel everything. They're secretive. They're creative. They're geniuses. They're incredibly smooth sailors. They have addiction problems because they want to escape. They want to go do video games. They want to go do porn. They want to go gamble. They want to get high. They're so sensitive it's painful.”

Air: “Air people are talkers (unlike water people). Air people communicate all the time. They're verbal. They think. They talk. They change their mind. They're airheads so they get multiple ideas going at the same time and they're communicating to everybody and they're on the Internet and they love texting. They're just speed freaks and they don't have what Water people have when dealing with the emotional realm.”

Earth: “Earth people are super grounded and practical—numbers, insurance, your car, your tires, putting the dishes in the dishwasher the right way, crossing your ‘T’s and dotting your ‘I’s, really loving to go to work and loving results. They measure their whole success on how much they have done in a day. Very different than Air people, who can't remember where they were going. Water and Earth people get along great because you add water to the earth and the earth grows. There is a sense of spirit with an Earth person who is getting things done. Wow, they are manifesters.”

Fire: “Fire people are really supercharged, energetic, loud, dramatic storytellers with unbelievable energy. They have enthusiasm. They get excited over nothing. And they can't sit still. They have to have something exciting or even scary to do so they can keep their juju going. They love energy.”

“I will not do classical therapy anymore. We’re just moving the furniture around. And I will not do only astrology, where we’re just gazing at the stars. I am a bridge maker. I combine the two.” ~ Debra Silverman

PRESS RELEASE: Celeb Psychotherapist Blends Psychology and Spirituality (April 27, 2016)

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